Roppongi crossing

The famous Roppongi crossing covered by the Shutoko or Shuto Kosokudoro(Metropolitan Expressway). Yes, it is covered by the expressway just like Nihonbashi.


Roppongi is a famous nightlife district with many nightclubs and restaurants. The area is especially popular with those who want to enjoy the nightlife.

The name “Roppongi” literally means, “Six Trees”. There are two theories as to where the name came from. The first one says that the name came from the 6 matsu trees that used to mark the area. The second theory says that the name came from the six daimyo each of whom had “木(tree)” in their last names and estates in the area.

Sights Around Roppongi

Roppongi Hills – Huge complex full of stores and restaurants; centered around the 56-story Mori Tower.

Tokyo Midtown(Coming Soon) –

National Art Center – A national art museum that was opened in 2007 and designed by Kurokawa Kisho.

Nogi Shrine – A shrine dedicated to General Nogi Maresuke, who lead Japan’s military in the Sino-Japanese War and following Russo-Japanese War.

Fujifilm Square(Coming Soon) –


Roppongi can be accessed from Roppongi Station. Although not well known, the Roppongi station for the Oedo Line is the deepest operational station in Japan. It takes nearly 6 minutes to get to the surface.

Roppongi Station – 六本木駅

Tokyo Metro – 東京メトロ

Hibiya Line – 日比谷線

Toei – 都営

Oedo Line – 大江戸線


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