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Wasabi わさび


Wasabi fields in Izu, Shizuoka. (Public Domain)

Wasabi is a plant originating from Japan and is well-known condiment often served with sashimi, sushi, and soba noodles. The “root” or stem of the wasabi plant is finely ground into a paste to make this condiment. However, the leaves are edible as well and are eaten boiled, pickled in soy sauce, or fried as tempura. The Japanese tubular wasabi … Read the rest

Beer and Happoshu – What’s The Difference?

Beer and Happoshu ビールと発泡酒

Asahi Super Dry, the best-selling beer in Japan. It is a brand of nama-biiru(draft beer).


Beer was introduced to Japan in the late 1800s when American brewer William Copeland set up Japan’s first brewery in Yokohama. The brewery eventually became Kirin, now a major brewery in Japan, in 1907, with the help of investments from the Mitsubishi zaibatsu and Meidi-Ya. Today, there are four … Read the rest

Explore the Many Varieties of Ramen!

Ramen ラーメン

Ramen in Tokyo

The varieties of ramen in Tokyo are diverse, and there are as many ramen stores as there are flavors. In fact, there are over 3500 ramen stores just in the metropolis of Tokyo, which ranks it as the most ramen-store-infested place on earth. The tastes ranges from ramen with soup made from pineapple juice to the old-fashioned shoyu ramen. However, there are four main types … Read the rest

All About Green Tea

Green Tea 緑茶

Sencha in an Aritayaki yunomi

Green Tea in Japan

Oi-Ocha (お~いお茶) is a bottled Japanese green tea, that is consumed much like other soft drinks.

Green tea is the most widely consumed type of tea in Japan, and is called “ryoku-cha(green tea)”, “ocha(tea)”, or “nihon-cha(Japanese tea)” (to differentiate it from Chinese green tea). In the past, green tea was often served after a meal or with … Read the rest

All About Matcha

Matcha 抹茶

What is Matcha?

Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha Pudding

Matcha refers to a type of finely ground green tea and the drink made by whisking the powder in hot water. Matcha is used in a wide variety of foods and sweets including wagashi(Japanese confectionery), soba noodles, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate.

In recent years, matcha has become increasingly popular and numerous food products that contain matcha can be found … Read the rest


Eating 食

Eating in Tokyo

When it comes to eating in Tokyo, there’s hardly anything you can’t eat.

Ramen – An exquisite mix of Chinese & Japanese Cuisine.


Beer and Happoshu – There are “fake” beers and real beers in the shelves of stores in Tokyo.

Green Tea – There’s more to green tea than you think!

Matcha – Matcha is made from the finest green teas.

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