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Tokyo Big Sight or Kokusai Tenjijo(国際展示場, International Exhibition Center) is a large convention venue in the Ariake area of Tokyo and is host to many events such as the Tokyo Motor Show and Comic Market(Comiket). The “conference tower” is iconic of the center and looks like a structure with four pyramids facing down. However, most of the exhibition takes place in the West and East exhibition halls and not in the conference tower.


Tokyo Big Sight can be accessed by rail from the two stations below. The station for Yurikamome(monorail) is closer to Big Sight than the station for the Rinkai Line. The site can also be accessed by water bus or bus.

7 minute walk from

Kokusai Tenjijo Station – 国際展示場駅

Rinkai Line – りんかい線

3 minute walk from

Kokusai Tenjijo Seimon Station – 国際展示場正門駅

Yurikamome – ゆりかもめ



Official Website for Tokyo Big Sight (English):

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