Jonanjima Seaside Park



The Beach

The Beach.

With planes flying in and out of Haneda Airport literally roaring over your head, Jonanjima Seaside Park or Jonanjima Kaihin Koen is a popular attraction to airplane fans and families alike. You can expect the most dynamic experience when Runway B at Haneda is being used; planes will literally skim over the park leaving a pungent smell of jet fuel exhaust. Usage of the 4 different runways at Haneda depends on wind direction and weather, so it may be nice to check the forcasts when you’re planning on going.

It is relatively crowded on weekends and holidays but quite empty on weekdays. It is recommended for plane fans and people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo without really getting out of Tokyo.

Haneda Airport

View of Haneda Airport from the park. To the right is the ALS (Automatic Lighting System) for Runway B. To the left is Runway C.

Other Info

There is a camping area, a man-made beach, and a skateboard park inside the park grounds.

The park is situated on a man-made island, Jonanjima, which has a population of 0 according to the statistics. Most of the island is used as an industrial area, most of it being related to logistics.


Access to the park is possible by only one bus line from the following stations.


Company : Keikyu Bus – 京急バス

Line : Mori 32 – 森32系統

Get off the bus at:

Jonanjima 4 chome – 城南島4丁目


Omori Station – 大森駅

JR (Japan Railways)

Keihin Tohoku Line – 京浜東北線

Omori Kaigan Station – 大森海岸駅

Keikyu – 京急

Keikyu Main Line – 京急本線

Ryutsu Center Station – 流通センター駅

Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line – 東京モノレール羽田空港線


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