Yebisu Garden Place



Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place


Yebisu Garden Place TowerThe 39-story Yebisu Garden Place Tower. The building on the left background is the Westin Hotel Tokyo.

Synonymous with the Yebisu brand of beer, Yebisu Garden Place started out as an urban redevelopment plan for the former site of a Sapporo Beer brewery that was located here. Completed in 1994, the headquarters of Sapporo Beer which owns Yebisu still has its headquarters here.

Sights include the Yebisu Beer Museum and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. One can also find many fancy shops, renowned restaurants, Mitsukoshi Ebisu, and the Westin Hotel Tokyo here.

There is also a high-rise office building, the 39-story Yebisu Garden Place Tower, complete with some classy restaurants on the 38th and 39th floors.

Since it’s not much of a business district, there aren’t as much visitors here on weekdays as there are on holidays and weekends.

Museum of Yebisu Beer

Museum of Yebisu Beer. Admission is free.


Yebisu Garden Place can be accessed from Ebisu Station via rather long skywalk.

Ebisu Station – 恵比寿駅

JR (Japan Railways)

Yamanote Line – 山手線

Saikyou Line – 埼京線

Shonan Shinjuku Line – 湘南新宿ライン

Tokyo Metro – 東京メトロ

Hibiya Line – 日比谷線


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