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Yojijukugo 四字熟語

What is Yojijukugo?


A yojijukugo is a Japanese expression comprised of 4 Kanji characters. Many yojijukugo are non-idiomatic but when used, the term “Yojijukugo” often refers to the ones that are idomatic. Many of the idiomatic yojijukugo have their origin from Chinese literature or from Buddhist teachings, while others are purely Japanese in origin.

Non-idiomatic Yojijukugo

Example of a non-idiomatic yojijukugo – Kenko-shindan

An example of a … Read the rest

Tokyoblaze’s List of Yojijukugo

Yojijukugo List 四字熟語一覧

What’s listed?

There are a countless number of yojijukugo. There’s a dictionary specializing in yojijukugo which has around 4000 entries, so there’s at least 4000 existing yojijukugo. Here, we’ve picked some of the idomatic yojijukugo we like that are used relatively frequently.

Yojijukugo List

Kanji Romaji Description Aibetsu-riku Suffering from parting with loved ones. One of the eight sufferings in Buddhism. Anshin-ritsumei Enlightenment. To have a stable… Read the rest

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