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Tokyo Narita AirportTokyo Narita Airport (Photo by: Terence Ong, Wikimedia Commons)


Despite it being 66km east from the center of Tokyo, in Chiba Prefecture, Narita International Airport is the primary international airport serving Tokyo and the areas surrounding it. In recent years, Haneda Airport has been allocated more space for international flights, but the amount of traffic is still small compared to that of Narita International Airport.

Access by Rail

There are several lines that go to and from Narita International Airport. The Narita Express, Keisei Skyliner, Keisei Main Line, Keisei Access Express, and other JR Lines can all be used to access Tokyo from the airport. Of these, the Narita Express and the Keisei Skyliner are fastest, but as expected, more expensive. Although comfortable, Narita Express is relatively expensive; tickets to the Inner Tokyo area cost around 3000 yen and tickets to Yokohama cost around 4000 yen. Tickets to inner Tokyo for the Skyliner cost around 2500 yen. The cheapest options(Kesei Main Line, Keisei Access Express, and JR Lines) do not offer reserved seats, so be careful.

Below are the transit times to and from Narita Airport to destinations inside Tokyo


Skyliner: 36 minutes

Access Express: 50 minutes

Keisei Main Line: 64 minutes



Skyliner: 41 minutes

Access Express: 54 minutes

Keisei Main Line: 68 minutes



Skyliner*: 48 minutes

Narita Express: 87 minutes



JR Line: 36 minutes



Skyliner*: 63 minutes

Narita Express: 75 minutes



Narita Express: 89 minutes


*must change trains as there is no direct service

Access by Bus

Several bus companies operate in and out of Narita Airport, and tickets are cheaper than the high-speed rail(Skyliner, Narita Express) tickets.

Access by Taxi

Taxis should be avoided unless you want to spend over 20000 yen to get to Tokyo.

Access by Helicopter

For the rich, there’s always the option of taking a helicopter.



Narita International Airport Homepage (English)

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